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Full Moon Goddess Glow

Full Moon Goddess Glow Yoga and Sound Bath Meditation

Join Kelly Green and Lee Miller for an outside Indian summer experience.

We have found the pleasure and joy of still being able to offer our services outside during this period.

Late summer is a seasonal transition, we are holding on to the power of summer but feeling autumn and fall preparing us for the inward journey of winter.

In Chinese five elements late summer is correlated to Earth, it is a short season but one to be enjoyed!

The Earth element represents our stable centre of our existence and we reep her benefits even more in Late Summer as we begin to harvest the best season of the plentiful fruits and vegetables that she offers.

It is a great time to ground and send love and gratitude to Mother Earth and all that she offers.

We look forward to celebrating the energy of late summer with you all in this outdoor event.

Please pre-register individually to the event you wish to attend or both, we hope you take advantage of our collaboration and join us for an evening of gathering and anchoring the light and connecting with the energy of the land.


Goddess Glow Yoga with Kelly

An all-levels mindful yoga experience focusing on grounding in this upcoming cycle.

As we anchor into movement practice, we'll invoke the magical energy of the Egyptian Goddess Isis, through the telling of the mythical story Isis and the 7 Scorpions.

Followed by...

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation with Lee

An alchemy Sound meditation can balance your energy and bring calm to the mind and body.

The sound of crystal vibrations can open up brain pathways, awaken the synapses of the brain, the neural system, and our spirit gateway.

A sound bath is an immersive, meditative experience.

Both events are by donation.

Please pre-register for each event separately. To register for the sound meditation please PM Lee Miller as the reserve a space option is no longer working.

Bring: Yoga mat, blanket, (or camping chair for the meditation), layers to cover up as the temperature can drop fast in the evenings, water for hydration.

No experience required!

Please practice social distancing practice for this event.

We hope to see you at the event for one or both of these offerings.


Blessings in love and light. 💜🧚🏼‍♂️💜