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March On-Demand Membership

💜 On-Demand Membership 💜

March 2021

Coming up March 8th, our on-demand membership is changing to better support your practice.

Starting this March, our On-Demand members will receive classes on a weekly basis throughout the month. Every Monday, you'll receive an email with 3 new classes: one strength practice, one deep stretch and one meditative practice. You already make so many choices in the run of a day, this new format is to help you simplify. When you click in to your membership, you'll assess your energy on that given day, and choose the style of practice that matches your needs.

As the weeks progress, classes will accumulate in your membership folder, so you always have the option to go back to those classes that you are loving the most, and try the new ones added each week. All classes are 15-20 minutes in length (and they pair up well together, for those times you feel guided to extend your practice time).

Weekly Classes

(3 classes will be sent to you each Monday)

💜 1 Strength Practice (Hatha Flow OR Balanced. Stable. Strong.)

💜 1 Deep Stretch (Yin)

💜 1 Meditative Practice (Yoga Nidrā OR Restorative Yoga OR Meditation)

March Theme: Inner Freedom

Each practice in this series will begin with an intention to open ourselves to whole-hearted experiences of inner freedom. We will use visualization, breath, movement, etc. to create a sacred spaciousness within, where a felt sense of inner freedom is waiting for us.

"Yoga is a discipline that opens the door to inner freedom" -Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

If you sometimes have a feeling of being locked tight in your body, or if you feel like life is moving you around yet you don't have a say in it, or if you sense that there is something inside of you that is just looking for a way out, this month's theme will really resonate with you.

How do I access the classes?

These classes will be shared via Dropbox link, which you will receive on each Monday in March. You are welcome to download the classes to your Dropbox or to your computer; in other words, the classes are yours to practice in March and beyond! You can sign up for Dropbox if you wish, but the link will also work if you do not have a Dropbox account.

Membership Pricing
Our sliding scale means that you can support our work while we support you. We believe that these offerings are healing and empowering and should be accessible to all. This means that finances should not be a barrier to accessing these resources. We put our full trust in you to choose the pricing option that honours our efforts and honours your budget, no questions asked.

Sliding Scale Options:

Your first week of practices arrives in your Inbox on Monday, March 8.
Registration is open until March 8.

Abide in Wonder. Rest in Ease. Embrace your Inner Goddess.