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Reiki Master Certification (Reiki III)

Reiki III: Reiki Master Level + Pre-Requisite for Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship

What is Reiki Level 3?
Reiki Level III aligns you with the Reiki Master Energy, it is a magical day, indeed.

Complete your Reiki certification process with meditations, healing, new hand positions and an attunement that connect you with the simplicity and oneness of being in the flow. You will learn a new symbol along with its functions. You'll deepen your sense of interconnectedness as we work with a set of exercises called The Five Tibetans.

With your Level III certification, you are a Reiki Master Healer. From here, you may choose to continue on to work with a Reiki Master as a Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship.

If you feel called to work with the energy to the benefit of others and all living beings, Level III Reiki Master is for you!

Investment: $333 ($50 deposit to kellyiamgreen@gmail.com upon registration)

Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship

Please inquire for more information.