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Yin + Restorative (Group Class)

A long time client favourite, Yin & Restorative is a combination of two very distinctive practices. We spend the majority of the class percolating in Yin shapes before moving to an extended Restorative savasana (final relaxation).

Yin Yoga comes from the taoist tradition. The word Yin refers to the lunar, feminine aspect of our being, that which is cool, soft, sustaining, earthy, internal, dark. Yin Yoga practice is known for its long held shapes, where our aim is to release the deeper tissues of the body (think fascial network). This more passive style of tension on our tissues is useful as a balance to the more active types of movement we engage in (biking, running, vinyasa, etc). Spending time in Yin-like practices also helps us to come into equilibrium with our energy body which is dominated by the Yang aspects of our lives (energized, striving, achievement, drive, bright, external, etc.).

Restorative Yoga is the gentlest of yoga practices, which has evolved from Iyengar teachings. The use of props is integral to this practice, where our goal is to support the physical body in order that over time, our tensile patterns dissolve and we sink into deep relaxation. Here our parasympathetic nervous system is engaged and faciliates a healing response. This is a beautiful way to boost the immune system, mitigate the effects of poor sleep, and so much more!

To Bring:

  • yoga mat
  • 3 blankets
  • eye covering (eye pillow, facecloth, eye mask)
  • dress in layers (bring a sweater)

    ** Please be mindful of scent sensitivities. If you require sunscreen or bug spray, please apply before coming to the park. We'll gather at the big aspen trees. Come early and have a chat!

Class Duration: 60 minutes