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DECEMBER 4, 2:10 AM - JANUARY 1, 3:10 AM AST
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Wellness with Kelly Monthly Membership.
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"Joy is in fact our birthright".
- Dalai Lama XIV

This month we embody JOY!

Join me for a series of practices in which we embrace joy from the inside out. During our classes we will focus on affirmations that help rewire our brain away from worry, fear, anxiety, stress and toward joy. We emphasize bodyfulness practices where we receive joy at a subtlest of levels.

You'll have access to 15 classes this month, each one is approximately 15 minutes or less, and using minimal props. During this very full season, these practices are meant to be plugged into the short spaces between preparations and festivities. If you have more time to practice, you can pair a couple of practices together. If you are new to the practice, you'll be surprised at how even 10-15 minutes a day can influence your well-being.

December Classes:

💜 Affirmation Yin Yoga x 4

💜 Restorative Yoga x 4

💜 Mindful Affirmation Flow x 4

💜 Balanced. Stable. Strong. x 2

💜 Yoga Nidrā: May Your Joy Be Full

These classes will be shared via Dropbox link, which you will receive on the first day of the month along with instructions for access. You are welcome to download the classes to your Dropbox or to your computer; in other words, the classes are yours to practice in December and beyond! You can sign up for Dropbox if you wish, but the link will also work if you do not have a Dropbox account.

Membership Pricing
Our sliding scale means that you can support our work while we support you. We believe that these offerings are healing and empowering and should be accessible to all. This means that finances should not be a barrier to accessing these resources. We put our full trust in you to choose the pricing option that honours our efforts and honours your budget, no questions asked.

Sliding Scale Options:

Classes will be available on Dec. 1.
Registration is open until Dec. 3!

Abide in Wonder. Rest in Ease. Embrace your Inner Goddess.

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