Restorative Yoga (Small Group Class)
NOV 29, 2020, 5:30 - 7pm ADT

Restorative Yoga

This 90 minute yoga class is an expression of the softer side of yoga. My teacher declares this practice as a "radical act of self-compassion and self-care". I couldn't agree more.

Restorative yoga is the gateway to deep rest & rejuvenation. Using props, you will fully support your body and free lingering tension, thus initiating the return to the parasympathetic nervous system (where we "rest" and "digest"). Deep relaxation and restoration is the focus of this practice.

We will allow 10-30 minutes in each posture.


What happens during a restorative yoga session?

Your body drops into a space of deeply restful state. We call this state pratyahara, in yoga. Pratyahara is the conscious withdrawal of our senses from the outer world. It begins with intention. We set up supportive yoga props, we drape our body over this special set up and our body begins to relax, settle, and soften.

Gradually, a shift happens in our minds, as well. Though sensory stimulus is still present in the space around us, our reaction fades away. The dog next door may bark, you may hear it, but there is only awareness. The annoyance and irritability is not present while in this state.

Restorative yoga is one avenue through which we create the conditions to support the transition from the active, reactive, sympathetic state to the tranquil, spacious, healing state of parasympathetic dominance. Restorative yoga wakes up your natural healing response while you are at rest. This practice is wonderfully nutritive and rejuvenative.


Some of the benefits that arise from restorative yoga practice:

  • improved sleep
  • strengthened immune system
  • decreased anxiety
  • improved mood
  • increased level of energy
  • clear/calm mind
  • self-compassion
  • less reactive, more response-able


Who is this practice for?

This practice is beneficial for everyone, and needed in our world more than ever. Restorative yoga requires no prior experience.
Some tell tale signs that you would benefit from restorative could be: you feel burnt-out, you're not sleeping well, you wake up depleted in the morning, you're digestion is "off", you're irritable, anxious or discouraged, or you don't have the energy or will to get out and move your body.
Restorative yoga can be a tremendous support to those who are working through trauma, I have had many clients in the past whose hyper-vigilance has softened through the safety and support that they have felt during the restorative experience.

*Disclaimer: if you're determined to use yoga your workout, that's all good, but you're not looking for restorative, you're looking for a "vinyasa" or "power class"!


I need this. How do I sign up?

  • Class attendance is limited to 3 participants. Our scheduled classes require pre-registration through our webpage.
  • If you and a couple of friends would like to arrange a private group restorative class with me, please email me at to schedule.


To Bring:

  • yoga mat
  • 3 blankets
  • eye covering (eye pillow/eye mask/facecloth)
  • face mask

Class Duration: 90 minutes


Our studio is located in Douglas, NB (8 min. past the Brookside Mall intersection, just off of Route 105). We'll send you the specifics when you register.


Wellness with Kelly Studio
17 Mcbrine Road, Douglas, NB