December Metta Meditation Mornings
DEC 01, 2020, 10:30am - DEC 22, 2020, 10:45am ADT

December Metta Meditation Mornings

✨Who: everyone, no experience required

✨What: 7 mornings of Metta meditation

✨Where: in our Zoom Room

✨When: Tuesdays + Thursdays (Dec. 1-22)

✨Time: 6:30-6:45am

✨Why: to devote 10-15 minutes of our day to being intentional about tuning into and sharing Metta. We recognize, honour and receive the light within and then expand our practice to recognize and honour the Divine light within all beings. Metta meditation is an act of benevolence, a gift to ourselves, our loved ones, our community, our country, our planet.

We are blessed to have seven experienced local teachers come together to create this offering. ✨

✨ Tuesday, Dec. 1 Stephanie Calhoun ✨

✨ Thursday, Dec. 3 Emily Breen ✨

✨ Tuesday, Dec. 8 Shauna Uma ✨

✨ Thursday, Dec. 10 Stephanie Carter ✨

✨ Tuesday, Dec. 15 Natalie Brewer ✨

✨ Thursday, Dec. 17 Shiona McIntosh ✨

✨ Tuesday, Dec. 22 Kelly Green ✨

✨ By coming together in December, our intention is to share loving kindness around our circles. The peace that is generated through Metta practice will help lift the burden of an exceptionally challenging year. Let's open our hearts to the peace available to all through loving kindness meditation. ✨

Register by clicking below. There is no cost for this offering.

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