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20 Gratitudes for 2020

By Kelly Green

THU OCT 08, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving, dear Friends.

I awoke this morning with John O'Donahue's name top of mind. It certainly seemed kind of random, he hasn't come to mind in a long time! I started planning for this note to you, and then searched his name on Google. This poem, On Waking, spoke to me.

On Waking

by John O'Donahue

I give thanks for arriving

Safely in a new dawn,

For the gift of eyes

To see the world,

The gift of mind

To feel at home

In my life,

The waves of possibility

Breaking on the shore of dawn,

The harvest of the past

That awaits my hunger,

And all the furtherings

This new day will bring.

Beginning each day with gratitude for the wonder of waking up for one more day of this complex miracle of life is easily overlooked. That liminal space between sleeping and waking has so much potential to support our outlook and mindset as we move into the blessing of this new day. John O'Donahue's words sing presence into my body and mind, the kind of present moment awareness that allows me to swim in a sea of trust that "just this", right here and right now, is enough. And, I am supported. And, I am safe. The giving of gratitude may seem like too small an act to be significant. When practiced earnestly and steadfastly, it builds a reservoir of unwavering faith and trust for our journey through each day.

Perhaps this weekend, you could join me in creating a list of 20 Gratitudes for 2020. The idea for this prompt is a variation of a ritual a friend was telling me about last night. She and her friends get together at the beginning of each year and they create a list of things they want to do that year (so, this year it was 20 things in 2020). They periodically get together for brunch throughout the year to touch base about their progress. Cool, hey? Now, back to our gratitude list...

It can be as concise or detailed as you like. You can write 20 words to express your gratitude, you can journal what each of your gratitudes means to you, or you may write some combination of words + sentences. Perhaps you could even be inspire this gratitude practice within your family unit, too.

When you finish, look back at the list you've created, notice any themes, or anything that surprised you. When you recognize what you are truly grateful for, you are shining a light on that which you hold dear. This is a beautiful acknowledgement of that which is sacred in your life.

Here's my list, and I'll share a template below, in case you want to share your gratitudes as an Instastory.

My 20 Gratitudes for 2020

💜 My Health (and numbers 2-19 for their role in my well-being)

💜 Bodyfulness (mindfulness’ lesser known sibling, the felt sense of being fully present, aware and open in my body)

💜 Faith

💜 Posting way less, listening to learn way more

💜 Sue Monk Kidd’s storytelling

💜 Brene Brown’s podcast, and her infectious laugh

💜 My spiritual/yoga teachers, who hold loving space while sharing wisdom from their own experience on the path

💜 Support, in all of its abundant forms

💜 Nature in all of her transformational glory

💜 Ben

💜 Ziggy

💜 Every brave warrior who is shining a light on the social injustice issues that have been overlooked and diminished for way too long

💜 Friends who keep it real and the talks we’ve had over these past months.

💜 A growing depth of family connections

💜 All of those who are tirelessly working in essential service fields. You are remarkable.

💜 Art, and friends to create with

💜 Water

💜 Grace

💜 Cozy blankets, soothing tea and quiet mornings

💜 Restful sleep. Immense gratitude for the guidance to move to a quieter neighborhood.

💜 Toilet paper, ‘cause, you know we gotta keep our sense of humour 🤣

Thank you for being part of this community. We have just added a new practice to the YouTube channel, just in time for your long weekend. It's a movement and meditation practice that begins with a soothing pelvic release sequence followed by an uplifting meditation. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zuy8DmGvTeg&t=293s

Have a blessed Thanksgiving weekend and stay safe.

Big love,