Healing Practices for Transformational Times.

About Wellness with Kelly

A safe and brave space for rest, transformation and healing as you navigate life-changing transitions.

Your inner healer is waiting. Each and every offering that I provide holds the intention of supporting you, as you deepen the connection to your own inner wisdom. Be it Reiki, yoga, restorative practice, or yoga Nidrā, each practice initiates a gentle shift toward reconciliation, replenishment and rejuvenation. As your practice of the softer side of yoga deepens, layers of accumulated stress, trauma, discomfort, and grief dissolve. As you’ll attune to the voice of your deep inner knowing, you’ll recognize your resilience, your worth, and your potential, which will help you navigate periods of healing and transition. Develop a new way of being, rooted in peace, ease, and trust. The truth is, all of this is all already inside of you; your consistent practice reveals it.

When you have a spiritual practice, the struggles of life don’t magically disappear, yet the way you relate to them changes forever.

Kelly's Background + Teachers

First and foremost, I am a lifelong student of yoga. I have studied with and continue to glean wisdom from truly transformative teachers: Kaya Mindlin, Judith Hanson Lasater, Mary Richards, Andrea Peloso, Kathryn Bruni-Young, Ravi Ravindra, Jenny Kierstead, Nyk Danu and Lisa Bayer. I cherish the opportunity to share these subtle, yet profound, teachings with you.

BA, BEd, RYT-200, Reiki Master/Teacher, Girl on Fire Facilitator (26 hrs), Restorative Yoga (48 hrs), Yoga Nidrā (24 hrs), Experiential Anatomy for Back Care (30 hrs), Yin Yoga (63 hrs), SRY Fundamentals (35hrs), Mindful Strength (13 hrs), Trauma Sensitive Yoga (12.5 hrs), Mental Health First Aid, Nectar of the Bhagavad Gītā (40 hours), Nectar of Patañjali Yoga Sutrānī (10 hours), Vāstu: Divine Patterns of Live & Yoga (10 hours), Sanskrit Invocations: Mantras for Knowledge & Mantras for Daily Life


"You changed my practice and for the first time I truly understood release and let go. Thank you so much for what you gave me and I look forward to hearing about your magic in the future. You are a true and genuine healer. Namaste."
- J. Saks

"Your intuition and choice of offering from your heart space never cease to amaze me! You radiate inspiration for so many, beautiful soul!"

-K. Shannon

"Participating in Girl on Fire when you first launched has had one of the most long lasting impacts on my journey - a lot of where I am now is rooted in the teachings you shared. I recently revisited my workbook while beginning to plan activities for a self empowerment project I am working on."
- L. Walsh-Cooper

Sample Practice: Yoga for Relieving Head Tension

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