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💜 Celebrating June! 💜

By Kelly Green

MON MAY 31, 2021

Dear Friends,

How are you? Really, stop and feel into that question for a moment, how are you?

Do you sometimes feel split in two?

One part of you, out in the world, doing the things you have to do to sustain yourself and your family. Showing up with a smile and a brave face, 'cause I know how positive you all are. Maybe you get pulled into the vortex of taking on too much work, volunteering to get a task done because you're a team player, or working into the wee hours of the night sewing your son's name on his jersey (I mean, when else could you squeeze that in?).

The other part of you is longing to just be fully you. To say "no" to that double booked meeting, or to be real about the fact that you've been holding your breath for the past year + and you're on the brink of bottoming out. That part of you that is longing for real connection and intimacy with your loved ones, with life. You feel the dissonance of carrying it all on your shoulders and hiding the weight of it all, at the same time.

I feel it, too.

Author of "Essentialism" Greg McKeown asks us, "What if we stopped celebrating being busy as a measure of importance? What if, instead, we celebrated how much time we spent listening, pondering, meditating and enjoying time with the most important people in our lives?".

I wonder if this month, we can start to step away from the momentum of busy. We get pulled into the swirling movement of the phenomenon of busy and coming out, that can be a real struggle. As human beings, we are wired for connection, not for being "busy". We have the speed of busy trapped in our body, when, indeed, our bodies are wired for periods of activity and periods of down-regulation. Without the latter, our nervous system is high-jacked 24/7. If sitting in the tub and going to bed at 8pm just aren't your jam, don't worry, down-regulating doesn't mean doing nothing or being lazy (and if baths and really bedtimes are your jam, go for it!).

Friends, will you join me? Will you listen to the whispers within that are calling you to step away from the busy, to stop wearing busy as a badge? Will you make a short list of the most important people in your life and ask them "How are you doing? No, really, how are you doing?"? Will you find 15-30 minutes in the evening to CELEBRATE breathing mindfully, or journalling, or stretching your body, or massaging your feet, or drawing with your wee ones, or sitting on your deck with no tech, or dancing, or anything else that helps you to bring yourself back. Will you join me in this counter-culture movement?

This isn't one more thing to add to the to-do list. It is a liberating act of transition. A gradual detachment from the vortex of hustle that sucks the life out of us. It is a practice. One that is life-giving through rich relationships, including the beautiful connection you'll find within yourself. May we find ease and contentment in the celebration of what's most important in our lives! That is my wish for each one of you, Dear Ones.

I'll be celebrating you this month, too. Thank you for being here!

Here's what is coming up at the Wellness with Kelly studio in June, I'd love to see you there!

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Sunday, June 13

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