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Extracting the Nectar: 4 Tips for Post-Practice/Post-Healing

By Kelly Green

TUE MAY 11, 2021

Dear Friends,

It's been rich to spend some time in-person with some of you in the recent weeks. I've had the blessing of inviting small groups in for yoga, as well as a few for Reiki trainings and 1-1 healing sessions. In all of these offerings, I'm sensing a palpable depth of presence and spaciousness arising during and following our sessions. This is the soma nectar of your practice/session, that which nourishes and replenishes.

We have all been in a process of transformation in one way or another since March 2020 and whether you are practicing in person, on-demand, by yourself, or in some other capacity, occupying this sacred space is not only a soothing balm for the body/mind/soul, it is also supporting you in your soul's growth and progression.

The state of deep relaxation or relaxed alertness felt following your meditation, savasana, yoga nidrā, or healing session (reiki or otherwise) can benefit you in so many ways:

💜 boosts your immunity

💜 prepares your body for optimal sleep (yup, we have quality sleep when we shift to relaxation before hitting the pillow)

💜 improves clarity, alertness, decision-making, problem-solving and concentration

💜 connects you to your sacred heart

💜 supports healing on all levels

💜 replenishes energy

✨ 4 Tips for Post-Practice & Post-Healing ✨

Did you know that you can support the integration of the benefits of your yoga practice or healing session? By making intentional choices about the words you speak, the actions you take, and the boundaries you keep immediately following your practice, you extract the nectar of your practice even more deeply. I recommend that you try at least 1 of these following your practice or healing session, each time you practice, for 5-30 minutes.

1️⃣ Keep the tech turned off. Jumping back into email, social media, news or online shopping will bring your sympathetic nervous system back online. Give yourself at least 5 minutes after your practice to simply rest, take water, use the washroom, wash your face, shower, step outside, etc., before you pick up your device.

2️⃣ After you practice, don't complain about the events of the day that happened PRIOR to your practice/healing session. You've just dedicated time to nourishing your body with movement and breath and you've dropped into the peaceful present moment. Resist the urge to ruminate on the past OR jump ahead to the anxieties of the future right after your practice. This nullifies what you have accomplished through your practice! Stay present by letting your awareness drift toward pleasant sensations in your body or breath.

3️⃣ Journal or doodle. Bring your journal, a pen and some markers to your mat before practice. After practice, let your pen or markers flow onto the page, without any particular instruction, just see what comes out.

4️⃣ Sit in meditation. After śavāsana, yoga nidrā or restorative yoga, sit supported on the floor or on a chair. Notice your breath. Take 10 breath, at the pace that is natural and easeful for you. Count the breath as you inhale and exhale. When complete, take a final pause in gratitude for this breath, this moment, this life.

Some of you are long time practitioners, and you may have post-practice strategies of your own. If you do, drop me a line, I'd love to hear what works for you.

Take good care, dear ones, and savor your post-practice/post-healing moments!